River Road
The Virginia Exhibit
A Lost Car on Spike Canyon
The Beneficiaries
Invisible The Morning After
Beautiful Shadows
Something Like Wonder
Try to Keep Up
A Series of Moments Between Clocks
The Unromantic REAL World of Gulliver's Travels
Meant for One Thing
The Lesser of Evils
Love and Nemesis
The Sinning Bishop
The World In Your Pocket
Higher Purpose
A Promising Look at Genesis
Not For The Ladies
Fooling Around and Falling In Love
The Tediousness of Tragic Love
Poetic Analysis for "The Trees"
Creation On Dub
Creating the Universe
Fast Acting In Small Doses
As Crazy As They
We Can Always Use More Utopia
A Little Church in Corinth
The Theory of Carl Rogers
Historically Speaking
Different Shades, Same Color
A Rose for a Funeral
Obsessed With Race



Name: Katherine Kennon
Birthdate: March 7th, 1986
City of Birth: Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA

Favorite Authors:

Richard Russo, Yann Martel, Haven Kimmel, Mark Twain, Melanie Rawn, Stephen King, Leif Enger, Jonathan Swift, Ralph Ellison.

Y Messenger: PoutingInStereo

MSN Messenger:

AOL Messenger: UndrwrldBttrfly