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     In light of the many experiences that naturally shape a young, passionate female into what role she shall play in the universe, I have a few comments to make on everyone's favorite (Second favorite if you're a sex-addict or own any Magic Cards.)

     I'm quite aware that this won't be the first time I have felt the need to comment on love. It is like the sacred earth beneath the Acropolis of my life, and so of course its only fair to acknowledge it every once and a while. I'm MADLY in love, and biased towards it. Euphoric, you might say. The love I have is immaculate, unyeilding, and unconditional. It is perfect in the sense that there is nothing standing in its way. "Love conquers all."

     I could smile and tell these things to you, much as I'm smiling and typing right now, and you would likely have feelings that were warm but not particularly potent. Another person in love...big deal. The entertainment industry, the media, the record companies- everyone has some way of using love as one of the most basic of themes. We're all used to it...we're all tired of it, right? Alicia Keyes sings about how she keeps falling in love with you, and by now you hear her and reply "Geez...I heard you the first sixty six times."

     Love in all its pleasantries is just getting old to most people. Literature..some movies...some true stories..can offer us an alternative that many of us grasp onto for dear life. TRAGIC LOVE. Romeo and Juliet. City of Angels. The Conference of the Birds. Love Story. True love is twice as powerful if lots of bad things are happening. This is not only a test of the so-called see if it is true, strong, unbreakable!..but also it is about the only kind of love that can entertain us these days.

The Famous Dante, the man behind The Divine Comedy..or more specifically, The Inferno, is a prime example of the kinds of Tragic Love we can become highly fascinated with. When he was 9 years old, growing up in Florence, Italy, he fell madly in love with an 8 year old girl (yes, love at first sight, if you will) who was called Beatrice. As time went on, they spoke only briefly and not often. They each married other people, and in her late 20's, Beatrice died in some sort of accident. Even with all of this in mind, Beatrice was a recurring point of emphasis in Dante's writing. At no point in his entire career as a writer does Dante mention his own family...his wife or his children. Beatrice is mentioned several times, in many different forms. Read The Inferno! She becomes his human embodiment of "divine love."

But did she have to die to represent love? Did the fact that she married some other guy change the fact that Dante fell head over ass for her at the age of 9? No. Tragedy is not what underlines the true meaning of love in this story. Love isn't just something to be thrown around, but it also isn't something that requires death or dire circumstances in order for it to be taken seriously.

Come on, people...for once I wish I could just go running up to someone and tell them how madly in love I am, and have them just burst into happy tears because they really, truly believe in what I am feeling!

Because I believe in it.
But then again, I'm biased.

Katherine Kennon (2005)