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Creating the Universe
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     And so, in six days God created the Earth, the sky, the sun and moon, as well as the stars.

     So tell me this: Who's in charge of the other planets? Could there perhaps be other Gods working simultaneously? As far as I can see, the others took the easy way through their work.

Three telling examples:

     On the first day, Lobo created a big, damp, scratchy rock, and he saw that it was good. On the second day, Lobo basked in the pool with a martini, knowing that creating life forms was useless. Earth God's creations would surely let their technology get out of hand and arrive on Neptune soon enough.

     On the first day, pale Simone created another big scratchy rock...but this one was dry, like her personality. On the second day, her rage overcame her and she spread volcanoes around its surface sporatically. On the third day, she moved her rock close to the Earth God's "Sun" so she could try, in a series of unsuccessful attempts, to get a tan and lighten up a little.

     On the first and second days, Buck did nothing. He was an infamous procrastinator, which was part of the reason that he was assigned the creation of a small, insignificant planet far away from his much more ambitious childhood friend, Earth God. Buck finally got out of bed on the third day and created a little thing that nobody knows much about. He was supposed to take care of publicity on the fourth day, but...well, you'd have to know Buck.

Katherine Kennon (2005)